10 Facts about Andy Warhol

Andy Warhol

Despite Andy Warhol's presence in the media, some people are still not familiar with him. You can't blame them that much since the person died a long time ago. Hence, here are ten facts about Andy Warhol you should know:

  1. He called his studio, 'The Factory'. When he named his studio the Factory, it unbelievably became a meeting place for celebrities and creative personalities. Hence, you can't blame yourself if you want to hang out there as you will meet many famous people.
  2. He worked on many forms of media. To say that Andy is versatile is an understatement. Besides, you would want to do things the right way and that is exactly what he does as he tried painting, drawing, sculpting, and even filmmaking. It is safe to say this man has many talents and he always aimed to expand his learnings.
  3. He is scared of hospitals and doctors. It is safe to say that he takes good care of his health a lot. Besides, he is scared of doctors and hospitals so he will certainly not want to end up at the hospital. The only way to make that happen would be to take good care of yourself. You can't blame him for this fear as everyone is scared of something.
  4. He is known for pop art. Andy is famous for designing cans and other product containers. He uses a combination of celebrities and artists. It is evident he would often put his creativity on display. There is a good reason why he knows many singers and actors. In fact, there is a chance they meet other celebrities at the Factory.
  5. Andy produced work for many celebrities. Some of the celebrities whom Andy produced for include Mick Jagger, Diana Ross, and John Lennon. The list of celebrities who wanted work done by him would always become bigger. He even produced some dollar bills and soda bottles.
  6. Andy suffered from St Vitus Dance as a child. Andy had St Vitus Dance while he was still studying. Unfortunately, it meant he was unable to go to school for some days. There are times when his arms and legs would twitch. It was not something he wanted but he was still smart enough to get good grades when he was a kid.
  7. He never had sex. Despite the number of celebrities he met at the Factory, he has never had sex. Unfortunately, he died without experiencing it as it is one of the things you must experience before you die. What's worse is that he actually admits it in one of his movies. This would lead to many people questioning whether he was straight or not.
  8. He got shot by a feminist. Andy and Valeria Solanas got into quite a few encounters before Solanas came to the Factory and shot Andy. The good news is that Andy survived and Valeria turned herself into the cops. She ended up getting treated and Andy spent several days confined at the nearest hospital. Solanas actually shot Andy three times but she failed to get the job done as Andy lived to fight another day.
  9. His birth date was never recorded at a hospital. Whenever the media asks Andy about his birthdate, he would invent dates. This would lead to him making stories about his childhood. Thus, you can never assume that the stories of his childhood were true. It was his way of having fun with the press so he would always come out with new stories that apparently happened when he was a kid.
  10. The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts was formed after his death. There is no doubt the art industry was hit real hard by his death. This foundation was formed in order to commemorate what he brought to the world. They provide grants to people who deserve it a lot.