10 Facts about Zendaya


Zendaya recently starred opposite Tom Holland and Jacob Batalon in the hit movie, ‘Spider-Man: No Way Home. The world already knows who she is as she has starred in many movies including ‘Greatest Showman’. Here are some facts about Zendaya:

Facts about Zendaya

1. She wanted to become a teacher.

If Zendaya did not become an actress, she would be a teacher today. In fact, both of her parents are teachers. She could already see herself becoming a teacher from such a young age. She could actually still pursue her plans as she is still young anyway. in fact, some teachers are a bit old but they are pretty good at what they do.

2. She won an Emmy

Zendaya was given an Emmy for her role in Euphoria as Emmy Bennett. There is no doubt she will win many more awards in the future as she is still very young. At just 25 years old, Zendaya instantly became the youngest two-time Emmy nominee. As a matter of fact, she won the Emmy twice as she gained the respect of her peers.

3. She got teased for having a big head

For some reason, her siblings would often tease Zendaya for having a big head. This did not harm her relationship with her two sisters and three brothers though. Up until this day, they still keep in touch with each other. She is an only child as she only has half-siblings from her father’s side. She knew her siblings just wanted to have some fun.

4. Zendaya is obsessed with Harry Potter

She tells some friends that she actually watches Harry Potter movies each day to get her mind off things. It is certainly a unique way to relieve stress. She has a huge collection of Harry Potter books and movies.

5. Her Oscar dress inspired a Barbie

Barbie makers saw her at the 2015 Oscars wearing an outstanding dress. This resulted in them making a Barbie doll and sales were through the roof. Needless to say, it was a limited edition doll only available for a short time.

6. Zendaya released her first single in 2011

Zendaya has such a powerful voice that she released her first single back in 2011. The song was titled ‘Swag it Out’ and it instantly became a major hit all over the world.

7. She was a shy child

When she was in kindergarten, Zendaya was a bit shy and this actually led to her repeating Kindergarten. Her mother says Zendaya would often sit with other kids and not say a word to each other. Right now, she is already an international star but she admits to still being a shy and timid person so don’t expect to see her approaching other people and talking about random stuff.

8. Her Hollywood crush is Channing Tatum

She likes men who can dance and do a lot of other entertaining stuff. That list includes Channing Tatum who undoubtedly has stunning looks so it did not take long for her to have a crush on him. Later on, the two would work in an animated movie.

9. Her mother was a theatre actress

Aside from being a teacher, her mother also worked as a theatre actress. Now we know where Zendaya got her acting talents. This would result in Zendaya starring in plenty of Shakesperean plays. She would often go with her mother in order to watch her perform.

10. She was just 12 when she auditioned for Shake it Up

Zendaya was certainly pretty determined to start a career in Hollywood as she auditioned for ‘Shake it Up’ despite being just 12 years old. Her parents fully supported her decision and look at what that got her right now. Her childhood was actually full of Disney projects. Seven years later, she became a UN ambassador which proves how active she is in campaigning about AIDS.

Zendaya is one of the bright young celebrities to watch out for in Hollywood. It is evident you know Zendaya a bit more after we revealed to you the above facts about Zendaya. She certainly has a bright future ahead of her as she continues to release more music and bag more movie roles.

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