10 Facts about Pop Art

pop art

Art is a form of expression that has moved the hearts of many for generations. As the human consciousness continues to evolve, art developed with it. During the mid to late 1950s, a new form emerged in the United Kingdom and the United States. It is from modern forms of entertainment like comic books, advertisements, and other mass-produced objects. It was all collectively called pop art. Here are some more facts about pop art with creativity, the mundane interesting.

Facts about Pop Art

1. Pop Art is a form of Rebellion

Art can be subjective based on the person viewing it. During the early 1950s art societies placed strict rules on what is acceptable and what was not. These restrictions are considered a hindrance to creativity and self-expression. Artists in the United Kingdom and the United States revolted by introducing pop art. They aimed to fight the consumerism and elitism plaguing the community that limits the artist’s abilities.

2. Pop Art likes it Bright

Pop art compared to classical art has a brighter theme. It often uses vibrant colors like yellow, red, and blue. Magenta and neon yellow are an example of popular pop art colors. This color scheme aims to capture the attention of observers immediately.

3. I was a rich man’s plaything is the first Pop Art

The title is provocative and the images are a mixture of magazine clippings that tell a story. The pop-art featured an attractive lady in sexy clothing. The heading shows “Intimate Confessions” and prose that expresses sexual liberation. It aims to show society embracing consumerism and how it is changing the world. The original 1947 pop art by Eduardo Paolozzi is kept on display at the Tate Modern Gallery in London.

4. Roy Lichtenstein used other Media as Inspiration

Roy Lichtenstein is a well-known pop artist. He has the most recognizable portfolio in the field. His work entitled Whaam!, in 1963 pays tribute to the comic book DC Comic All-American Men of War. He also has a piece called Look Mickey, which is his interpretation of original art by Bob Grant and Bob Totten. Lichtenstein also used the character Popeye as a subject for his works.

5. Andy Warhol Used Everyday Things as Subjects

Pop art is known for making ordinary things into beautiful art with a fresh perspective. Andy Warhol is known for this type of style. His works feature Campbell Soup cans, Brillo boxes, the General Electric logo with a waiter, and the 1962 image of Coca-cola bottles. Andy received world acclaim with his take on ordinary things.

6. The Subject of the most Expensive Pop Art is an Actress

Andy Warhol featured in some of his works celebrities. One of them is the American Bombshell Marilyn Monroe. Warhol’s portrait of the sex symbol was sold for $195M. The work is titled Shot Sage Blue Marilyn. He created this piece in 1964, two years after Monroe’s sudden demise.

7. Pop art is also featured in Fashion

Numerous fashion brands have also used pop art in their creations. Luxury brands like Yves Saint Laurent, Gianni Versace, Moschino, and Christian Dior all featured it on the runaway. Consumer brands like Nike and Vans also use pop art as designs for their products. These colorful and whimsical art continue to attract audiences from all walks of life.

8. Pop Art has Three Characteristics

Do you want to create pop art? It requires three characteristics. First, the subject should be based on something popular with the masses. Second, incorporate bright and vibrant colors. And third, it should contain elements like satire, irony, and humor

9. Pop Art is first coined in 1955

The rebellious form of art was first called mass popular art. Then it was coined as pop art by Lawrence Alloway in 1955. Alloway is a British art curator and critic. He worked in the United States since 1961.

10. There is an American Flag Pop Art

The pop artist Jasper Johns 1955 created a piece called Flag. It features the American flag. This work received popularity and John made more pop art about the same subject. The Museum of Modern Art in New York City houses this precious item.

Pop art is a form of expression that promotes creativity. It portrays regular items, celebrities, comic books, and other consumer goods look great. It gives off a feeling of freedom, vibrance, and humor that is modernly stylish.

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